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Let It Rain!

Like a couple of crazy fools...

We decided to go camping in the rain for the long weekend! We headed out to Willow Bunch, Sask!   

We were so happy to finally be receiving some much needed moisture we didn’t care!  

No trek west is complete with out a stop at Solo Italia in Ogema, Sk.


For a thin crust pizza lunch 
There was rain which turned to icicles but we needed every drop! 


We went with some friends. Played a ton of cards and games.
There is nothing more cozy than listening to the much needed rain in front of the fireplace! 
Now that’s camping!! 
We headed for Lafleshe to a new restaurant called
Trigo Food and Drink


Fennel and red onion salad.
It was a five course Italian supper


There were two options for every course 


Bread without salt and condiments 
So we ordered one of each and shared it all!!


Pasta and vegetable salad
Speck and barley soup
Lemon chicken and garlic potatoes 
Five layer lasagna
Mushroom ravioli
Parmesan ice cream with balsamic vinegar and candied pears
Roasted strawberry coulee
We were stuffed to the eyeballs! The only thing I would have changed is having this chef moved to Estevan!
We checked out the Assiniboia museum. They even camped in the early days of Model T’s!
How cool is that! 
The first motor home! 
There were lots of vintage sewing machines

I loved this little doll collection which showed the different uniforms for nurses and candy strippers.
This was one in the center was for our local hospital in Estevan, Saskatchewan 
Saskatoon candy stripper

Regina General Hospital

I had forgotten their hats and outfits were unique to their schooling! 
We also went to the Willow Bunch Giant Museum which was open this time! 
This man is as huge! 
Look at the size of his hands
And foot!!
There is a reason he had gig with the Circus back then! He ended up with tuberculosis and died at 28. The museum had a fund raiser with this quilt! It was made by a lady in Moose Jaw,Sk. 
Only fitting since it’s a Quilt Patch Pattern!! 
I wondered if 100 years from now, Our styrofoam incubator might sit beside this one from the past! 

Visiting museums make me laugh at our life a bit as we still farm with many of what they consider to be relics! 
In all our travels, I did not find one quilt store! Trust me... I looked! Southwest Saskatchewan is lacking in that department. It was a fun long weekend!
For once, we weren’t farming all long weekend! 
I forgot to say....We have a new batch of baby piggies! 
Justin’s friend calls them ‘bacons seeds’, 15 little jiggers! 
Hope you had a good weekend! 
- Christa 



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